Frog Pen for Clients

Company Profile

The focus of Frog Pen Pty Ltd (Frog Pen) is to provide our clients with a superior, personalised resourcing service.

Frog Pen is a privately owned company managed by the principals and a team of likeminded people. The Company is large enough to provide comprehensive services but small enough to care for individual needs. Frog Pen was established to service the needs of a rapidly changing IT market place. With the emergence of new technologies and the ever changing demand for resources, there is a growing need for a professional approach to recruiting specific expertise. Frog Pen's information network continues to grow allowing us to quickly find the types of skilled resources needed.

Our Mission

"To meet and exceed our client's expectations, resulting in long term, mutually beneficial relationships".

Preferred Supplier Arrangements

Frog Pen enjoys a preferred supplier relationship with a number of large clients. Service arrangements in each case are tailored to individual needs.

Recruitment Methodology

Frog Pen takes the same approach with permanent and contract placements. Candidates are initially sourced through our database and established networks. If after a nominated period of time this has produced less than the required quality of candidates, advertising will be initiated.

Selection Methodology

Upon receipt of a resource requirement a search is conducted and suitable candidates are contacted. The requirement is discussed with them in detail. If the specification and candidate are a match then personal interviews are conducted. In addition to assessing the skill levels of each individual, their availability and market rate is determined. In the event of multiple candidates being suitable for the role, only the best will be submitted (unless the client specifically indicates that a short list is preferred). Candidates are not only assessed for skill-match but also on presentation, interpersonal skills and cultural fit.

Reference Checking

Reference checks are carried out on candidates short-listed for a position. Where possible, a minimum of 2 referees are taken from the candidate's sources. Frog Pen strives to ensure that references are an accurate representation of the individual.


Client advertising is carried out on a case by case basis and can incorporate the client's logo and approved company information. In addition, Frog Pen will advertise roles under the Frog Pen logo, utilising the most relevant web sites. Where a focused client advertising campaign is required, it is recommend that this be conducted on a retained basis. Details of the costs associated with retained recruitment would be agreed at the time of assignment.

Quality Assurance

Frog Pen prides itself upon a quality, professional and personable service. Our management has a continuing commitment to the ethical and professional standards of the company and demonstrates this by remaining actively involved in the ongoing daily recruitment process.

Risk Assessment and Risk Sharing

Frog Pen is committed to developing and maintaining strong client relationships and recognises that placements involve an element of risk. Frog Pen understands that anomalies may occur, in such an event the consultant will work with the client to resolve any issues to the satisfaction of all parties

Equal Employment Opportunities

Frog Pen is an equal opportunity employer. This can be observed in the mix of employees and recruited staff. The ethnic, gender and religious balance of staff is in line with that of the Australian population and is achieved by a fair assessment of each applicant's skill set. The equitable mix that the company enjoys is a result of the normal distribution of applicants.

Permanent Placement Follow Up

Up to the point of placement the procedure is the same for contract and permanent candidates. Once a candidate has been placed in a permanent role, the contact policy differs. During the first 3 months of employment, Frog Pen will conduct post placement interviews with both client and candidate. This is to ensure both parties are happy and if necessary resolve any issues either party may have.

Ongoing Contractor Care

One of the factors that sets Frog Pen apart is the service provided to our contractors. Once a contractor has commenced an assignment, we follow up after a few days to ensure that all is working out to the satisfaction of client and contractor. The contact with each contractor then continues throughout the assignment.

Occupational Health and Safety

Frog Pen adheres to and supports OH&S Legislation and its recommendations. Our management is insistent on the provision of systems to ensure the mental and physical safety of all employees.

Value Added Services

Frog Pen is committed to providing true value to clients and applicants, over and above the normal course of resourcing and placement. These include:
  • Application Testing
    Provision for technical testing of applicants is available, and client requests for assistance with testing are welcomed.
  • Technical Assistance
    Our staff have technical backgrounds and can be made available to clients for assistance with job specifications and project planning.
  • Client Care
    Frog Pen works closely with all clients in order to understand not only the technical requirements but also the company culture.
  • Internet
    Frog Pen currently subscribes to a number of websites for the posting of assignments. These sites have proven successful in supplying quality candidates and allow applicants to browse detailed job specifications and submit resumes online.


Level 4, 575 Bourke Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000
Mob: 0414 346 985
E-mail enquiries to:
ABN: 92 104 113 037